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                                                                  FIXED PHONE WITH SIM CARD

Fixed phone with sim card; is a telephone designed to be used in the phones operated with card, coin, token , which are also known as public pay phones and in the fixed home phones. The system comprises of a sim card belonging to the fixed phone operators which is integrated to the phone and a sim card slot that the sim card is affixed. Unlike the existing fixed phones, the fixed phone with sim card includes a sim card belonging to itself and a phone number belonging to that sim card. With the aforesaid number the user, will be able to reach to all operators as well as being called by anyone from any fixed phones with sim card that he/she affixed his/her sim card. At the same time, the fixed phone with sim card is also compatible with all sim cards belonging to any GSM operators.


The parts in the figure are numbered where the equivalents of these numbers are given below:

1 -       Camera,
2 -       LCD display,
3 -       Sim card slot,
4 -       Operation key,
5 -       Operation key,
6 -       Phone card slot,
7 -       Handset.

Fixed phone with sim card is very crucial in terms of being used in the regions that GSM operators do not have any signal (can not send signal). In the same way the fixed phone with sim card is seen as an alternative in case that the battery of the cell phone (mobile phone) goes flat or; it falls to the water or the ground and breaks down. Moreover for the users having more than one sim card it provides an advantage. Such that the system enables the sim cards to be used without using several cell phones and demounting and mounting operations.

Fixed phone with sim card has an advantage with its aspect of concerning health and environment. It is seen as an alternative in order to be protected from the harmful effects of the cell phones transmitting electromagnetic waves and being effective in particular areas even though not being close to ear ant there is no need for buying a new phone or credits again and again for every credit used.

Just like the cell phones, the fixed phones with sim card enable to make any kind of operation on sim card. That is to say on a fixed phone with operation keys ( 4, 5) it is possible to load, erase information on the card, receiving or sending SMS, sharing photos, videos and reaching the phone book etc. and in addition to these, easily carrying all phone information only with a sim card without carrying a cell phone is seen as another advantage. However reaching the personal information in the existing fixed phones is not an easy operation. When the user is out or in a friend’s, if there is not any document about any note or any person to be called together beside him/her, maybe an important operation will obliged to be postponed.

In the existing fixed phones, the personal phone numbers may be preserved in some featured phones used only in home, since these information only take place in the memory of the phone, can not be transferred to another medium. Therefore fixed phones allow the information to be used in a limited way and especially in the pay phones this situation limits the user more and more. Even though SMS will be used, photographs will be taken, internet will be accessed in the new generation pay phones, these will be limited in the area that the phone exists and still will not let the personal information to be carried.




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