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 Vibrant iron is an iron designed for ironing much faster and smoothly and  saving time and energy in this way in every model and design of irons. The system is made up of  one or more bibration apparatus mounted to  the bottom of  press iron,  iron or steam irons.

Like  present irons  vibrant iron is based on ironing clothes at desired heat level by adjusting from the buttons on the iron according to the kinds of fabrics.  Clothes are laid on a ground or a surface , steam or water is sprayed over or just the hot base of the iron is passed towards right and left on the clothe or by pressing on the clothe wrinkles are removed. However, differenly in vibrant irons  wrinkles are also removed by the  vibrati


apparatus mounted to the base of the iron making the base of the iron vibrate.

The vibration apparatus can be opened / closed at a desired time from the button on it.

Vibration apparatus is a device that produces  desired  kgf of centrifugal force and makes the apparatus to which it is mounted vibrate and also the objects in contact with the apparatus vibrate by these vibrations.


The items in figures are numbered one by one and the number’s responses are given below;

1-            Open/close button,
2-            Water spraying apparatus,
3-            Heat adjustment button,
4-            Iron base,
5-            Vibration apparatus,
6-            Press handle,
7-            Press iron base,
8-            Heat adjustment button,
9-            Sponge

The vibration apparatus (5)used for ironing clothes in much shorter time and smoothly  can be mounted to the base of press irons, irons or steam irons without making a radical modification. The  vibration apparatus (5) attached to the base can be installed  in every model and design of iron with very low cost and without clearing  extra space.

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With vibrant irons ironing process is done a much shorter time and smoothly. Wrinkles are removed by  the vibration evolving through the clothes, much  faster and more easily and time and energy is largely saved.

The vibration apparatus (5) placed on the iron   doesn’t have any negative effect that will unbalance the iron or make it difficult to handle.  While the vibration apparatus provide to remove wrinkles faster , it also produces massage effect on the hand handling the iron, relaxes the hand and ironing becomes a more enjoyable and easier process.

The vibration apparatus doesn’t make noise when working.




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