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Vibrating electric vacuum cleaner head is a vacuum cleaner head designed for much better and rapid cleaning for dry or wet, electric or charged vacuum cleaners of any model and design. The system consists of one or more vibration apparatuses mounted onto the head of the vacuum cleaner.
The existing vacuum cleaner heads consist of heads in varying designs connected to a vacuum hose. The head is moved on the surface to pull materials like dust, sand, or water by way of vacuum into a bag or container in the machine, and better and effective cleaning can be possible thanks to rotating or straight brushes placed underneath the head. An adjustment button placed on the head with the purpose of ensuring much better vacuum ensures more effective results through adjustment according to the condition of the surface. Heads are manually controlled on the surface through a pipe that is also connected to the vacuum hose, and cleaning work is done by moving it in different directions. In the heads of the wet/dry vacuum cleaners, there is a spraying opening in addition to spray water onto the surface; water sprayed onto the surface from this opening is drawn back immediately after cleaning of the surface. A similar cleaning method is used also in the vibrating vacuum cleaner head; however, the vibration apparatus used in the head cleans the surface it comes into contact by also vibration, and ensures much more rapid and better cleaning as compared to its peers.

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Vibration apparatus is a device producing centrifugal force (kgf) in the chosen level to ensure vibration of the apparatus that it is mounted on and also to ensure vibration of the contacting objects.

Illustrations of the parts used to achieve the objective of the invention are given in the annex; of these illustrations,

Illustration 1- Vibrating vacuum cleaner head

 Parts in the illustrations are numbered one by one, and explanations of these numbers are given below:

  1- Vacuum hole of the vacuum cleaner head
2- Adjustment button of the vacuum cleaner head
3- Vacuum cleaner head
4-Vibration apparatus
5- Brush of the vacuum cleaner head
6- Button

Vibrating vacuum cleaner head () is based on the principle of cleaning the surface by beating by way of the vibration of vibrating apparatus head (), and therefore vibration of the said head. Vibrating vacuum cleaner head ensures fragmentation by the dissolving effect of vibration of the materials infiltrating deeper than the surface and adhering there and rapid separation from the surface; therefore vacuuming of materials that cannot be removed with an ordinary head in a much more rapid and clean way. Under normal conditions, materials falling to the surface are either shift to deeper layers or they adhere more onto the surface when walked on the surface. Although it is attempted to remove these materials by friction of the brush on the head to the surface, removal of materials crushed and adhered onto the surface is nevertheless very easy. However, with the vibrating vacuum cleaner head, dirt reached the deepest layer or adhered onto the surface are dissipated by fragmentation within a short time by the head beating the head and vacuuming them into the chamber happens very easily and quickly.  

Cleaning work with vibrating vacuum cleaner head is made in a much more rapid and economic way as compared to traditional cleaning methods. Since cleaning is based on the beating of the surface, materials adhering to or holding on the surface are vacuumed into the chamber much more rapidly and great economy is provided for as regards time and energy.

 The vibrating apparatus used for much more rapid cleaning of the surface has the characteristics of allowing it to be mounted without requiring any radical changes on the vacuum cleaner heads. The device (3) fixed onto both sides or onto a location in the midline of the head has the characteristics that allow mounting on any machine of any model or design with a very small cost and not requiring the creation of extra space, and can be started or shut down by a button(6)  placed on the handle.

The vibrating vacuum head has to abrasive or wearing effects on the surface. The system ensures vacuuming of materials adhered onto or squeezed within the surface, and since cleaning work becomes shorter in duration, abrasion arising from friction is minimized and lifespan of the cleaned objects is elongated.





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